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5450 Bee Cave Road
Austin, TX, 78746
United States

Love the place you live




Love the place you live

Tim Brown

Most of us decide where to settle based on the attributes of the place. The demographic, amenities, landscape, culture... Some move because of jobs and family but in the end, we picked the specific place because we enjoy something about it. 

My family moved just West of Austin on the fringe of the real Hill Country five years ago. After living in South Austin for five years we wanted a get away. We like the rural feel and the seclusion the Hill Country provides. The views are what first captured me. We have sweeping views to the North for miles. At first I would stop to enjoy them on a daily basis. I would take a moment to be thankful for the beauty that surrounded us. Now, it seems, weeks go by and the very reasons we moved to this place take a back seat to daily life. It's still there but my perspective has changed. I am too distracted most times to lift my eyes and see what is right there.

My wife and I just celebrated our 16th anniversary. We stayed at the Hotel San Jose downtown Austin on South Congress Avenue. I have always loved this establishment but have never stayed there until now. We had a wonderful time absorbing Austin life. We had Jo's coffee, ate at Perla's and walked South Congress. We ended the evening sipping Texas wine at the San Jose wine bar and cafe. IT WAS MAGICAL! So much fun being a tourist in our own town. It's why we decided to live here. Austin is an amazing blend of culture, creativity, good food and a bunch of odd. We love it. But like the views at our home, I tend to get caught up in everyday things, traffic, rising prices, congestion. When you have plenty of time to enjoy the city, those things don't even matter. It just took taking some time to stop and experience what is right here. 

I guess my point is, take some time to remember why you are where you are. Even if for just a moment. Our world and the people around us are part of who we are. We are all a product of our experiences. Sometimes we can get lost in the minutia of daily life but always come back to the fundamentals. Live it...