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Improvement Over Innovation

Benjamin Slade

When talking about design, so many mediums are similar. I was watching a great show called "The Mind of a Chef" on PBS ( David Chang, a world famous food pioneer, was sitting with three friends discussing copy cat chefs. The main consensus was that everyone copies something. There is so much historically good food in the world. They take what has been formed and put their twist on it.  Its the same in architecture. We should just own up to it. It is drilled into architecture students that they need to be innovative, create new cutting edge concepts that defy all previous thought. That's great and all but if all we did was innovate, we would be bankrupt from all of the lawsuits that would be hurled at us. Instead of claiming brilliance of formation, give credit where it's due. There is such a profound body of architectural work in this world. From the greeks to the geeks. Thoughtful architecture makes a place special, stirs our emotions and creates excitement. We as designers, have intrinsic tastes that steer our creations. With that, we have experiential tastes that ring in each individual design. The familiarity of a place where we grew up or have frequently visited influence our style. The drive to draw from a certain fundamental style base. This we build and improve upon. Each one of our projects pulls from all our experiences. My own, my colleagues, and our clients. It's the perfect idea storm. So to that great body of work I say, we add to and not create new.